How to save money when building a stone interlock driveway

Tips on saving money when building interlock stone driveway for a house in Ontario

What are some ways to save on interlock driveway project?

1) If you have an existing asphalt, concrete, or interlock driveway that you want to resurface then your contractor may not need to excavate
and add the gravel base. If existing base is good enough, the construction contractor may just reuse it and
put new interlock pavers on top of it. This saves time, material, and money for your driveway builder.
Ask your contractor if they can pass these savings to you and reduce the price given that the base is good enough.
Note that you will not know whether the base is good until the existing paver stones or asphalt are removed.

2) If you have certain store discounts, credits, or credit card points that you want to use you can opt to buy paver stones
yourself and have contractor only provide the installation. Note that when buying interlock pavers, in addition to stone
price you need to account for delivery and skid deposit. Most stone yards provide delivery, and they will unload skids of
pavers right on your front yard with a truck-mounted piggyback forklifts. Also, stone yards usually take $50-$70 deposit
for every skid which you get back when you return skids back to stone yard. For more information about stones, brands,
and prices check out our stone pavers for driveway page

3) Some unethical ways that we do not endorse but which is quite popular is to pay cash for project as
opposed to paying by cheque. In this case most contractors will still want you to pay for materials by cheque.
While you may save some money this way it is harder to enforce warranty for the installation work should anything
go wrong with the grading or stone cracks on your driveway. Without a trail of cheque,
invoice, and contract you are relying on a contractor’s integrity to provide warranty service repairs.

4) To cut down on both material and labour costs you may opt out of driveway designs that
involve rounded or irregular shapes or complex patterns. Both require extra stone cuts which
requires more paver stones and more labour hours in order to cut stones with concrete saw.

5) Construction contractors may quote different prices based on how busy they are
(i.e. how many projects they have lined up). This usually varies greatly from one company
to another but on average landscaping contractors have smaller backlog of projects at the beginning
of the season (March – May) and in the middle of the season (July – August).
Asking for quotes during these months may nail you a better price.

6) Homeowners can also save on stone paver materials if they follow the deals from stone yards.
For example, sometimes Beaver Valley stone yard posts deals on their Instagram feed and website
for interlock stones that go for discounted prices. Note, that we do not recommend simply buying a
cheap interlock stone that is less than $5 per sq ft. Unless the price is good due to a seasonal
discount, the cheap paver stones are usually not worth it because they may chip off or crack.