Interlock Driveway Cost in Ontario for 2024

Find out cost of interlock patio in Ontario. Get the estimate price of installing interlock patio slabs on your driveway with our cost calculator. Price per sq ft available

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Cost of Interlock Patio in Ontario in 2024

In interviews conducted with landscapers in March 2024, the average cost forinterlock patio installation in Ontario falls within the range of $17 to $20 per square foot.This estimate assumes that your patio area has a minimum 3-foot-wide access for equipment and thatthe cost of the interlock stone itself does not exceed $7 per square foot. […]

Interlock Price Per Square Foot in Ontario for 2024

According to our interviews conducted in February 2024 with Landschaft Construction and Alterra Landscaping, $18 – $22 per sq ft is an average price of interlock installation in Ontario. This price assumes that project is at minimum of 500 sq ft, area has 3ft wide access for machinery, and interlock stone itself does not exceed […]

Interlock Driveway in Ontario next to a house

How to save on interlock driveway

Here is some ways you can save on interlock driveway project: 1) If you have an existing asphalt, concrete, or interlock driveway that you want to resurface then your contractor may not need to excavateand add the gravel base. If existing base is good enough, the construction contractor may just reuse it andput new interlock […]

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Tips to select driveway construction contractor

Here are some tips to select a contractor for the interlocking driveway project: 1) Get quotes from 2-3 contactors. You may be tempted to go with the contractor who got recommended to you by a friend or contractor who did a good job at a project down the street. While referral comes with certain promise […]