Interlock Price Per Square Foot in Ontario for 2024

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Author: Stephen Arnold
Content Writer, Former Construction Project Manager
Published: April 28, 2024

According to our interviews conducted in February 2024 with Landschaft Construction and Alterra Landscaping, $18 – $22 per sq ft is an average price of interlock installation in Ontario. This price assumes that project is at minimum of 500 sq ft, area has 3ft wide access for machinery, and interlock stone itself does not exceed $7 per sq ft. Average cost of interlock stone material only ranges from $5 to $7 per square foot although high end stone material can go up to $20 per sq ft

Price difference between interlock patio, driveway, and walkway

Driveway stone is more expensive because it needs to be at least 80 mm in thickness, whereas walkway and patio materials can be as thin as 50mm. This variance in thickness can result in a price difference of up to $2 per square foot when comparing 80mm and 50mm stones. For further information on stone types, please visit our catalog featuring a variety of stones available in stone yards across Ontario.

Factors that affect Interlock Price Per Square Foot

  • Project Size: Projects under 500 sq ft have more overhead costs for contractors, resulting in a higher price per sq ft. This is because fixed costs like equipment, waste bin rentals, and stone delivery apply to projects of any size, making smaller projects relatively more expensive per sq ft.

  • Site Accessibility: Adequate access for equipment, such as mini excavators or track loaders, is crucial for cost control. A minimum 3ft wide access is usually required, especially for backyard projects. A standard 3ft-wide gate is typically sufficient.

  • Material: The average price of interlock stone ranges from $5 to $7 per square foot. Opting for more luxurious options from high-end companies, such as Techo Bloc, can increase the price of interlock stone to up to $20 per sq ft. Explore our catalog of interlock stones for more information.

  • Additional Features: Various extras, like lighting, complex stone cuts, heated driveway systems, and computer-aided design, can impact project pricing. You can use our driveway or patio price calculators for estimates.

  • Existing Base: If your site area already contains asphalt, interlock, or concrete, contractors may consider reusing the existing gravel base. Your contractor will typically remove the top layer to assess the base’s suitability, and you can negotiate this with them. For more tips on saving money during an interlock project, check out our article here.

  • Other Factors: Larger and high-end companies, such as “Parkspace” and “AHS” may charge higher rates than medium to small-sized contractors. Additionally, some contractors may charge more if you were referred by a client. For guidance on selecting the right contractor, read this article.

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